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Instant Catalog Builder  v.1.0

Create a catalog of products with prices, descriptions, photographs and order forms. You can create your catalog on CD or publish it on the Web. Includes wizards to help you start. You can attach audio and video clips along with your products.

MyBusinessCatalog_Start License  v.6.0.0

Software for creating a digital catalog of products or services to be recorded on a CD and then distributed among your customers and partners. The program includes an extensive set of tools for creating a digital product catalog and writing it on a


MyBusinessCatalog_Basic License  v.6.0.0

MyBusinessCatalog will let you create an updateable product catalog on CD, to provide your customers with the actual information on your products. The catalog recorded on a CD will never go obsolete, for it has an online update system. The update

MBCatalog  v.9.4.4

MyBusinessCatalog allows creating product catalogs on CD to provide your customers with the latest information on your products. Create and submit orders via Email to one of your branches / sales departments right from within the program. Prompt your

MyBusinessCatalog_Start License(1)  v.6.0.0

Do you need an electronic catalog to keep up with your customer's demands and to stay ahead of competition? Get MyBusinessCatalog and create your own CD catalogs easily. CD catalogs are easy to send or hand out, they are small, portable,

MyBusinessCatalog FREE  v.

With MyBusinessCatalog application you can easily create a fully functional online store.

Page Flipping Shopping Catalog  v.1.6

Page Flipping Shopping Catalog is convenient software designed to convert PDF into page flipping e-Book, which popular used as advertisement brochure in online store.

Flash Catalog Templates of Decoration  v.1.0

Are you looking for New Year style themes to design flash catalog, flash e-book, flash magazine by catalog software?

Zittergie's Coin Catalog  v.0.83.5

Zittergie's Coin Catalog is a software catalog for coins that runs on Linux, Windows and MAC OS 10.5 It is meant to be used on portable devices, so it is optimized for really small notebooks like the ASUS EEE PC,

XPS to Flash Catalog  v.1.6

XPS to Flash Catalog , is the software that specialize design for XPS format, XML paper only, which allow you with easy and quickly to convert normal Microsoft XPS format document into amazing real page-flipping flash catalog.

Flash Catalog Templates Beautiful Frame  v.1.0

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